Dial-Up Settings
Solution A quick reference table detailing all the information you should need in order to get connected to Orcon.

Dial-in Numbers (New Zealand)
Type Number Comments
Nationwide 0867-55666

Server Details
Description Protocol Address
Orcon Homepage WWW http://www.orcon.net.nz/
Incoming Mail Server POP3 pop3.orcon.net.nz
Incoming Mail Server IMAP imap.orcon.net.nz
Outgoing Mail Server SMTP smtp.orcon.net.nz
Webmail Server WWW http://webmail.orcon.net.nz/
News Server NNTP news.orcon.net.nz
Proxy Server No proxy - direct internet connection

Advanced Dialup Settings
Description Setting
Dialup Protocol PPP
IP Address Determination Server assigned
Gateway Server assigned
DNS Server Server assigned under windows
Primary DNS/Name Server
Secondary DNS/Name Server
Domain orcon.co.nz
Terminal window No
Use authentication Yes
Authentication Type PAP then Scripted-Login
Connection Speed/Baud setting 57600

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